March 21, 2012

The Arrival of #3

I am FINALLY having time to document the birth of our precious NEW addition.  I want to write it all down before I forget the details of his arrival.  It was a Wednesday, February 22nd.  I was ready to enjoy my LAST day of MDO before my c-section which was scheduled for Friday, February 24th.  I drop the kids off and headed home. I decided to walk the famous "hills of Hollywood."  I started on hill #2 and ran into Amie Wiggins and Kate Simpson on the same walk.  We finished the walk together and the whole time they kept saying, "Kate you are going to go into labor after this one."  As the day went on I continued to have a lot of low pressure.  Daddy came home and we ate dinner.  Around bath time some small contractions began.  We quickly bathed the kids as I wanted to be the one to put them in the bed.  Around 8:00 my father called with his usual, "are we going to the hospital tonight??"  I responded, "Actually we just might be."  I finally got the nerve to call the service to find out Dr. Foster was on call.  He told me to just come on in.  We packed our bags and decided to call sweet Marilyn Lauber(neighbor) to come over and stay with the kids.  At this point,  I was pretty sure they would check for dilution and send me home.  A funny aside, as we are walking out the door Daddy in his "go mode" decides to water the flowers(I mean really...).
        We arrived at St. Vincents with dad and sister right there to meet us.  Always a comfort to have family around.  We went straight to triage and the evaluated the situation.  Long and short I was not diluted but having continuous contractions.  They gave me some good MEDS and were told to stay the night.  Thankfully, Dr. Goolsby could preform my c-section at 8am the following morning.   The next morning they woke us up and we wheeled down the hallway to the c-section.  I remember just quoting my favorite passage, "They will keep in perfect peace whose MIND is stayed on HIM."   I immediately became anxious after the spinal tap was put in my back and just prayed.  Daddy walked in the room and immediately the PEACE came over me!  It was great. I was so relaxed and was so present when they pushed SOOOO HARD on my belly(note: they had to stop and cut more he was so big) and pulled out a NINE POUND BABY BOY!!! We were thrilled and AMAZED by the HAIR and the SIZE.  This is what we saw.....

Little Bit(funny I named him that before I knew) NINE LBS 2inches  2/23/12

Then the visitors began....Flash and Fiest were at home all day with a sitter and Sharon and Keith arrived later that day.  Flash(no napper) got to come with the Redden clan and Fiest later with grandparents.  It was a fun stay and full of all our favorite people.

I love this last picture as it is symbol of redemption in my mind.  It has not even been a year when we lost our Baby Thomas at 20 weeks. I can remember reality hit as I was discharged and wheeled out in that familiar wheelchair, but with no baby. It was painful.  This year, I cried as I held that carseat with my baby and the nurse wheeled me down that same hall.  Our Jesus is so loving in that He does REDEEM what has been lost.  It often comes in many different ways, but He takes our pain and makes it beautiful.  He is now a month old, and I think everyday I look at him and see a TRUE MIRACLE that my loving Father has allowed me to share in for many years.  I am so thankful.  We look forward to all the FUN we have ahead with Little Bit in our family.


  1. Love this post, he is so handsome!! Love all his dark hair! You look amazing too by the way...Such a great testimony!

  2. LOVE your blog and your beautiful family! THanks for letting me know that you updated it. I will be one of your blog's "followers." :) Adams is so handsome and you seem so happy and thankful. I got teary reading your words about God's redemption. He is FAITHFUL! I love you so much BFF!