April 14, 2012


Well, it was our first holiday weekend trying to coordinate everyone in their Easter activities and attire.  It was wild and left us with a few funny memories, but as always a blessing to celebrate the Cross with such wonderful family. The festivities began on Saturday afternoon with the BCC Easter Egg HUNT.  Over 5000 eggs all over the golf course.  Flash had been practicing in the backyard and was determined to find the GOLDEN egg because he wanted the PRIZE.  The family arrived late.  We were rushed leaving and when we arrived we noticed parking was already across the street. Daddy quickly dropped off Flash and FIesty and decided he and Little Bit would park the car.  The hunt began and Flash was picking up eggs like crazy.  Fiesty was a little uncertain and decided to stop and eat some candy here and there.  Of course, her BFF Margaret was there along with cousin Charlotte.  Out of the corner of my eye, I notice daddy walking up to the crowd with NO BABY.  Suddenly, I see daddy notice a stroller and say a FOUR LETTER word and take off running to get the poor THIRD CHILD left behind in the car!  Now this is a memory we will laugh about for a long time...poor daddy.  The egg hunt ended with Flash crying the whole way home because he didn't find the GOLDEN EGG.  It was a great lesson that not everyone wins a prize.

Then a BEAUTIFUL Easter Sunday came.  Mommy had to wake up at 5:45 in order to get everyone to 8:30 church.  Our baskets were full of star wars and princess legos.  Fun for all.  The kiddos looked gorgeous in their attire and we took some "miserable" photos on the front steps.  The church service was packed.  Flash stayed with us and got to sing the famous, "Christ the Lord is Risen Today."  After the service, we went to pick up Fiesty to find the front of her dress had ripped in half.  To give you a perfect description she was walking around with her STAR belly showing(my dad draws stars on their bellies).  I certainly looked like "mom of the year."  We just had to laugh as it was certainly Fiesty's personality to be in the $$$$ ripped dress.  A great brunch was followed at Pop's house with ham biscuits, yard races and riding toys.  The day ended with LONG naps.

Fiesty decided to not smile all morning.  Notice a perfect dress...just wait.

Flash being such a good sport

Baby Adams dressed in a precious baby blue day gown

Their Egg hunts at school on Wednesday

FULLER was in town!!  We love cousin Fuller

Margaret is our best friend

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