October 21, 2012

Sweet Memories

There is nothing like OLD friends.  Bradford has been my BFF since we were in our mommies wombs(as she likes to say).  Our moms were both NC girls and married Birmingham boys.  They were both NEW to Birmingham and didn't know many people in town but happened to live on the same street and both pregnant with girls!  They were instant friends and of course Bradford and I as well. Milly is like a 2nd mom to me and ministers to my heart these days without my own mama!

Sadly, Bradford and her family live in San Diego doing some amazing work for Jesus. They have planted a church there and she is an example of living out God's calling.  They were in town this week and we had a special time and got to visit at a beautiful spot in Birmingham. It is always fun to watch your children enjoy one another as well.  I so wish we had the "day to day" together, but for some reason God has us in different parts of the country.  I pray that our kids will always grow up to know one another as our families stay together.

The Phelan, McKnight, Redden dinner party with kiddos

Pop made us scream so we would SMILE!  

Gigi and Fiesty....one in the same!

Fiesty, Milly and Gigi...Milly is a spitting image of her mama

THE CREW...Lord help us!


Beautiful home with my sweet friend RESTING(because we both don't do that well!)

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