March 02, 2013


Baby Adams has TURNED ONE! I think this week I have taken a walk down memory lane as his "delivery" was not as planned.  I can remember the day so clearly.  It was a Wednesday and I was scheduled for my c-section on a Friday.  I dropped off the crew at MDO and decided to go walking.  Like a CRAZY woman I did the HILL walk in Hollywood(straight up and straight down). I ran into 2 neighbors who politely said, "girl this walk is going to kick you into labor."  SURE enough about 5:00 that afternoon the contractions began.  Daddy kicked it into go mode and starting feeding and bathing the other two.  I laid on the bed debating the plan.  We decided to go ahead and call the doctor.  Dr. Foster was on call and he told me to just come on in.  We kissed Fiesty and Flash goodnight and sweet Marilyn(the neighbor) came over and sat at my house.

When we arrived at the hospital I was definitely contracting.  The monitored me for a few hours and then said, "After all you have been through to get to this place why don't we monitor you through the night and Dr. Goolsby can deliver you at 8am."  SOOOO, daddy and I spent the night in the TINY triage unit before Adams BIG arrival.  I remember waking up that morning in the hospital FULL of excitement that I was about to FINALLY deliver the baby that I had WAITED on for SO many months.  They pulled sweet Adams out and SCREAMED..."HE IS NINE POUNDS and has a FULL HEAD OF HAIR..."  I nearly passed out thinking I had a 9LB baby in me yet was SO grateful that the END had come and the BEST was on the way!  Adams, you have been nothing but a TRUE JOY to us this year.  Such an easy, calm and sweet baby.  We are beyond BLESSED!!  Look forward to many more years to come.....

Side note-Flash's first day in a button down shirt...#killingmama

Thanks for coming to my birthday lunch...."that's all folks!"

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