May 16, 2012

So sad....

Yes, the day has come when school ENDS.  Flash and Fiesty have had the BEST year and loved every bit of school.  We would pull up to school and those two would not even turn to tell me goodbye they were so excited to get out the door.  Flash had a fabulous year as a 3 year old.  He has learned to count to 50 and so many new scripture verses.  Mrs. Tammy and Catherine have been the BEST teachers a 3 year old could ask.

Fiesty had Mrs Martha, Lauren and Nicci.  She played every day with Margaret Ratliff and when asked what she did that day she would respond..."play with Margaret."  That was about it for the day until this SPRING she started talking about her BOYFRIEND...Chawie(charlie).  Charlie Hicks is adorable and wears an Auburn hat everyday....Fiesty loves some Chawie time!  Fiesty has pretty much learned how to SING in her class. "Ba Ba black sheep" has been a favorite throughout the year and we will often hear this melody at 3am from her bed!  What a great experience we have had, but this MAMA will be counting down the days for the NEXT year!  Off to a fun summer....

The morning of our LAST day

Mrs. sweet

Mrs. sweet

Henry our friend

He wanted a picture with the girls but not too close to them :)

Fiesty's favorite teachers...soo sweet

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