July 07, 2012

Baptism weekend

Wow, I am behind on posting.  May 20th was avery special weekend for our family.  ALL THREE of our children were  baptized together.  It was a "bit" crazy,  but a special time for our children and family.  We decided to start the weekend off right and have friends over to celebrate the event.  Just like the invite said, "delectable apps and merrimont" were served.  Our home was filled with special people that love our children.

The baptism morning was crazy.  I was up at 5:30 in order to get everyone out the door by 8am.  Outfits were ironed and after our wrestling match of getting 3 kids dressed everyone look beautiful.  The service was nice with lots of squirming, waving and crying but everyone received their SPRINKLE and made it through.  Fiesty was our "interesting" one as she was up there saying, "I don't want to be baptized....daddy I really don't want to be baptized."(exhibit A of pictures).  But, like any good parent we MADE her do it!!  She had practiced too much in the bath to not follow through with her performance.

Lunch at the country club hosted by Pop was very special with the whole family.  It was a weekend we will never forget.  I pray for our children that this day begins their journey of Faith in Jesus.
The house at our "pre party."

"Kate McKnight" floral designs :)

Mama and Papa Keith came to see our event

Flash waving at Cousin Fuller entering the room

Flash was READY for HIS turn(much practice)

EXHIBIT A....Fiesty struggled-poor Reverand Boyd

No girl likes to get her hair wet

My sweet angel!!
Cousin Char was so sweet to be apart of my BIG day

No need for words but this is how the BIG day ended!!

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