July 07, 2012

Little Bit's FIRST beach weekend....

So, to recover from our Baptism we headed to Mac Mac's beach condo.  It was Little Bit's first time to the beach, but unfortunately he never quite made it down(thanks to Mrs D being on our trip).  Flash and Fiesty had a blast.  Mom did such a great job of photos that we didn't get any until our last night at the restaurant.  We had a fun evening of dinner, boats and feeding the fish!  The beach is a little different these days(laying out, reading and boat drinks are missing), but still a great time!  
Sometimes they really are sweet....

Yes, he almost fell in the water.  Mom=panic!

Yes, I just started the golf shirt wearing after he begged me for  COOL clothes.  Glad I still have baby Adams and the bubbles!

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