September 15, 2012

New school year

THE BIG FIRST DAY!!!!! 2012 Flash 4, Fiesty 2, Adams 6month
The time has FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY(can you tell I was ready) come for school to begin!  What a great year we have ahead of us!  Flash is now in 4 year old kindergarten. He will be going FOUR days a week which is a big change for our family.  He has a Mrs Staci and Mrs. Kelly. It is very fun because LOTS of his buddies are in his class(or at least my friends:).  Mary Getty, Wilton Bishop, Britton Giffon, Drew Nelson, Davis Lee, Skip Stuerman and Raines Wiggens.  Those POOR teachers!  

Needed a haircut and had to BEG the sweet thing to smile! He is a BIG boy!

FIESTY is off to her BEST year!  It was a big year as she is now in the Day School in the 2 year old class.  Somewhat a BIG deal that Margaret Ratliff is not in her class, but she is surviving!  WHAT fun news that we have Mrs. Bethany...mommy's friend and Mrs. Alayna.  So far she is off to a great start and has already told me about the "hungry caterpillar that eats and eats and eats and mommy one day he was  a PRETTY BUTTERFLY!!"  She will tell me anything about her day.  

We were not too excited about smiling!

Little Bit is also getting the JOY of attending Mother's Day out(yes I go to the 3rd floor, 2nd floor and 1st floor).  He has Lawson old teacher Mrs. Kina in the BUNNY room.  He loves kicking and playing. Unfortunately, NO sleeping going on in the Bunny room for Little Bit but he comes home and takes a HUGE nap for me :).

Not sure who the new friend is these days???

Just a few pics of the morning before the FIRST day of school begin. You always envision these precious pictures with everyone happy. I think we had about THREE rounds of candy handed out before I caught a few good ones!

This has got to be my favorite.....REAL life!!

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