September 04, 2012

Summer Days

We have had a great summer.  In the past, I feel as if I have been pregnant every summer so it has been rough.  This summer we have had the best time doing a few camps and a lot of swimming.

We went on our annual trip to the beach with grandparents.  That was very fun.  We celebrated Mama's birthday, played in the sand all day, and went out to some yummy restaurants.  Fiesty and Flash had a ball and loved the water.  Fiesty was a little too interested in the pool and not the beach.  Little Bit had his first trip and played in the condo or in the neighbor's mini tent!  He didn't get the best sun tan this year!

Most of our days were spent at the pool.  Flash started off the summer taking swim lessons and was SCARED of the water.  About mid June with peer pressure from cousins he was JUMPING off the diving board and swimming across the pool.  We could not believe it.  He had a great summer of swimming and even won a MEDAL at Barracuda camp.  I am excited about swim team in his FUTURE!!  Fiesty of course had a ball in her puddle jumper and spent many hours at the diving board as well!  

The lake was our usual weekend routine.  4th of July was a crazy one with all the grandkids.  Fiesty and Flash enjoyed riding on the ski biscuit or Emperor island with everyone(see pics).  It was a big  year with the new island and fun with the cousins!  

Fiesty and Flash also spent a week at Camp Charlotte this August.  We were sad to see them go but they had tons of fun at all the different museums in Charlotte and playing with new toys.  Mommy and Daddy got to experience life with one baby.  We had many morning runs, nights out to eat and a quiet house.  

Summer is a special time in our family but we are THRILLED that SCHOOL begins tomorrow.  Fiesty  is now in the "Big school" and Flash will be going FOUR days a week in the 4's(this is huge).  Little Bit will be starting 2 days a week in Mother's Day out.  ROUTINE is NOW in our future.  We look forward to a great school year(especially mommy i.e camp director!)


Lazy days at the beach are the best!

Having her own picnic!

So fun to laugh together!

WOW....of course Fiesty rides on the bullet at the lake!

The crew at Emperor Island

Favorite cousins!

I totally french braided her hair!

How I roll on the beach!!

She has absolutely NO fear

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