November 06, 2012

8 months going on 3 years....

Sweet Little Bit you are more than a blessing to us. You are moving ALL THE TIME and love to bounce up and down.  Your daddy and I laugh because you take after your older brother.  No time for a bottle anymore and at 8 months STRAIGHT to BIG food.  For the last month you have watched and grabbed at our food and finally your mommy broke the rules and gave you solid food.  You love sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, yogurt, peaches and I must say bananas are your favorite.  You make a mess every time you eat.  You love to watch Fiesty and Flash and whenever they are talking loud you start to scream.   Your smile is contagious and has reminded your mommy numerous times to take time to find JOY in the day!  Thank you for being our MIRACLE and our BLESSING!!  Stay ALWAYS this sweet(did you hear me :).  

LOVE my daddy and cold weather!

My morning bananas(morning hair as well)

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