November 06, 2012


What a special day October 30th was 3 years ago!  I had a bit of a memory the night before this year as I stepped outside to go to dinner. I can remember that COLD morning at 5AM when daddy and I headed to the hospital having NO clue we were about to have a baby girl!  I remember leaving the house quietly because Flash and grandparents were sleeping upstairs with butterflies in my tummy.

It is hard to believe life without FIESTY and now here we are 3 years lately celebrating with a DORA party.  Wow, we had a blast as all of her classmates, friends and cousins came to Covenant church to see Dora and have a cupcake.  The birthday began with a surprise cinnamon roll and NEW bike at 6am and the festivities continued throughout the day!  We are thankful for our sweet baby girl and these past 3 years!!

Early morning birthday breakfast

birthday cupcakes.....mommy bought them :)

Family birthday dinner at Pop's house

One of MANY birthday presents!

Birthday bike!

DORA and Char at my party!!

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