January 26, 2012

Another Visit....

We have had so many visitors these days.  Daddy takes an annual "Robert Walker" hunting trip every year.  It just so happens this year it was when mommy was 34 weeks pregnant.  Although, I was happy for daddy I knew I needed a babysitter.  So, I dialed up Hattiesburg, Ms and my FAITHFUL friend Marion packed it up and drove to the "HAM".  We had a blast as she brought BURN!  Burn is the same age as Flash and LOVES some StarWars too!  The boys played the whole time in the playroom with their lightsabers.  Fiesty on the other hand, got to babysit Mary Neal(3months).  Mommy had a RUDE awakening over what a "BIG help" Fiesty is going to be with our "little bit."  We played at the house and had a ZOE's outing on Saturday.  The LADIES had a night on the town on Saturday night and a great chance to catch up with some other Delta Sisters.  We are so thankful for the Curry Family and look forward to many more trips, Alpine Camp days and time in the groove!

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