January 04, 2012

BIG day at McWane

I have to be honest it had been a while since I had taken my kiddos to McWane. In the past it just screamed "KIDS EVERYWHERE AND GERMS."  Big sis took it upon herself today to give me new perspective on this Birmingham Landmark.  The crew took off at  9am  with two adults and six kids.  We were the first of the scene to arrive and how nice that the cousins had FREE passes for the "non members."  Oldest cousin decided to be the tour guide as we started on the top floor and made our way down.  A BLAST was had by all...see pics

Fiesty and her FAV cousin at the water table

Yes Fiesty decided to dance with the two BIG boys
You actually got to TOUCH the baby sharks as they swam by....big time
FLASH couldn't get enough of all the fun things to do

Overall it was a GREAT experience and a fun way to MAKE it through the LONG EXTENDED Christmas break.  There is talk of BIG plans to bring Daddy back, but Flash says he is NOT allowed to go down the slide!

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