January 15, 2012


It was the night of New Years Day when daddy got a great idea to take Flash to Dayton.  His grandparents, uncle and cousin were going to be there so we new it would be a BIG time.  Flash was FIRED up and packed ALL his camo and a few star wars figurines.  Daddy got a great idea to take Flash to the woods one evening(going against his wife's better judgement).  They took the pop up, a gun and the iPad.  Daddy waited on his deer while Flash shot at "angry birds."  For some reason the woods, dayton and the iPad don't go together, but I guess daddy needed some distractions.  It ended up being very eventful hunt because daddy shot a deer while Flash was watching.  After the search party was called,  this sweet Doe was not to be found.  Thankfully the RELIEF team found the deer in the morning.  We will now have food to eat for the winter.

Mama happy... the beard has been "retired."  What a handsome pair!

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