January 02, 2012

Christmas 2011

I always love Christmas.  It was especially fun this year because Flash really could "understand" it and even to the point he asked every day..."How many more days mommy."  Thank goodness for our Advent calendar that helped with the COUNTDOWN.  It put more pressure on me as I wanted our family to create   traditions that would always stick in their minds.  But, most importantly the kids began to understand about Jesus' birthday as Fiesty sang to HIM everyday(bday song is her favorite).  Here is just a small preview.
At first we were scared of Santa, but then he became exciting.  Flash told him that he wanted a darth vadar costume and Fiesty whispered a baby doll.

Sunday before Christmas...THE CREW(minus Reid and Fuller)

We splurged this year and bought our tree at the zoo. I have to AGREE with the husband that it was our BEST one yet!! 

One day when FLASH "should" have been napping we did decorate some ginger bread men.  I think the icing was the best part.

So, here we are Christmas eve. It had already been a big weekend.  My brother's family came in on Friday night so we went ahead and open gifts.  The CABBAGE PATCH doll that Pop and I bought in NYC was a hit...Aubrey Bethany is a beaut.  All the boys receive LIGHT SABERS.  We went to church on Saturday and ate our usually beef tenderloin meal with a new guest Steve Springfield this year.  Everyone stayed up WAY too late and was ready for bed
Santa and Mrs. Claus got started about 8:30 on this PRIZE.  We had been warned NUMEROUS times that it would take us all night and we would be way into the "daddy juice" because it was so frustrating.  It was a pleasant surprise as they actually enjoyed the challenge and were fast asleep by midnight.  
FIESTY's FAVORITE present.  OF course the shoes in the corner were a hit as well.

Don't even ask about the Beard(mama bear is not a fan).  It does help him "think" he is in the woods.

Altogether, it was a great Christmas.  I know these are the times we will always look back and cherish.  It will be our Last Christmas as a family of FOUR, but I have a feeling next year will be just as FUN.  

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